Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia SS12

WTC - amphitheater, Moscow, Russia

07:30 October 22, 2011

These collection and performance by Olia Feshina are strongly associated with leisure time somewhere at Indian Ocean side: shadows of water surface in the twilight, meditation, self-contemplation, naturality; glassy glares at the very edge of sunrise, pleasant thoughts and feelings, rich sunset reflected somewhere in the clouds, sensuality and expectation for something particular to happen this oriental night. And here comes spiritualized face of Buddha incarnated in woman’s image.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week News:

"Olia Feshina is probably the first designer who acutely felt ties of kindred with Indian culture and antique time; what’s more she somehow could realize her sensing in these items of garments. What differs Olga’s collection from other designers, who try to give much air to their things? Olia’s kea point is water with its particular color beige sand, snow-white foam, marine and lilac. Even trifle runarounds on the dresses-they seem to be not only the refrain to the song of foams, from which Beauty Goddess Venera appears ; they serve much-help women’ full self-expression. Light meditative air of the show, stylized as yoga class, appears to be an attempt to emphasize complicated geometry of multilevel inner world which hides behind seeming simplicity of sleeveless dresses based on antique tunic."

Specially for the performance, a Japanese composer and Kay Nakayama created a sound track with the best pieces of Indian motives to which he added the noise of ocean, wales’ songs.

Yoga show with Hatha Yoga instructor Ulyana Agalakova, and yogini - Anastasiya Kuznechikova Yoga SunShine and Tatiana Paramonova Kundalini.

Idea, direction, fashion, make up sketh - Olga Feshina

Make up - Yuri Stoliarov

Model's School Verona

Photo by Michael Burikin, Artur Bigel