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Artist Feature: Olga Feshina

by Anthony Huffman 


…Across canvases like Girls Taking Selfie on the Beach (2016) and Girls Taking Selfie in the Fitting Room (2016), Feshina positions highly idealized young women mimicking poses they’ve seen via social media; their actions in turn continue to perpetuate these postures in a never-ending cycle of vapid mimicry. The artist mines numerous media outlets in order to become familiar with the most common gestures, poses, and stances in circulation. What is more, her characters are often in synchronized postures, underscoring the loss of individual expression and identity due to the nearly ubiquitous forces of conformity that operate underneath the surface of every image on social media. Interestingly, in Girls Taking Selfie on the Beach, one of the girls holds a selfie stick, framing the overall painting as the screen of an iPhone. In other works, such as Girls with Friends Walking in Park (2019) and Girls Watching the Same Movie on the Beach (2017), the young, slim figures are together physically, but removed or distanced psychologically because they’re engaged in entirely different virtual realms. READ MORE…

FAD magazine

New York based artist Olga Feshina talks to us about ‘New Tech Girls’


We caught up with New York-based artist Olga Feshina to talk about her art practice and her ongoing series ‘New Tech Girls’ which is being exhibited at Google New York. Interview by Mark Wesall

Why are you an artist?

I believe that with my art I can transfer to the other reality, where I can see answers from the Game. I investigate a contemporary situation where girls like most of us are obsessed with tech gadgets. I explore their new gestures and poses in relation to these objects. By making art, I express my attitude through the forms and colours with my pattern. I am not able to change the World, but I can find other parallel perceptions of reality. READ MORE

Women Love Tech

New Tech Girls Are Mesmerised With The Perfection Of Virtual World


Her art is currently being exhibited at Google in New York. Meet Olga Feshina, an artist fascinated with new technologies and gadgets. Here she writes for Women Love Tech about what inspires her.

The topic of my show New Tech Girls at Google in New York, curated by Megan Green, represent an interaction of people and animals with VR technologies. READ MORE


Olga Feshina and Ideal Man

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About one of first Olga Feshina’s mural paitning created in 1990 in story of well known in Kazakstan photographer Vladimir Babkin. READ MORE



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About new Olga's workplace in Transforming Apartment by Peter Kostelov at Manhattan:

..."We each need an office with a door," says Olia, who’s currently focusing on painting and studying English. "It’s an important thing to be alone with your thoughts and your work."


The Body Topic

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Interview with artist Olga Feshina:

"...There are themes Girls, Icicles, Flowers, Eggs, Sacred Signs, and Galaxy disks of Olga's   canvases. Girls are monstly nude. Icicles are in shape of objects or decorations. Morning Girls and Evening Girls are name of oil and acrylic paintings.” READ MORE


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 "...Olia Feshina is probably the first designer who acutely felt ties of kindred with Indian culture and antique time... What differs Olga’s collection from other designers, who try to give much air to their things? Olia’s kea point is water with its particular color beige sand, snow-white foam, marine and lilac. Even trifle runarounds on the dresses - they  seem to be not only the refrain to the song of foams, from which Beauty Goddess Venera  appears; they serve much-help women’ full self-expression..." 

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