About NEW TECH GIRLS series

Transforming Apartment, Upper Manhattan, New York, 08.05.2018


  “I'm an artist, who is fascinated with new technologies and gadgets. The characters of my paintings are either contemporary girls or young women, who grow up actively and comprehend their inner and external worlds by means of gadgets and technological innovations. They made selfies revolution in social net, exploring contemporary tech reality, and their new poses and gestures are getting contemporary classics.

I'm trying to track the temporary connection portraying the same nymphs with their new poses and gestures in they new personification or reincarnation and research how they are deeply involved in technological innovation. The inner child of new girls which baby deer symbolizes it for me is mesmerized with the perfection of the digital and virtual world. I am interested why they even explore their self and feminine gist with virtual reality.”

– Olga Feshina said,

“Nowadays, when computer programs imitate artist technique, I stylize bodies and generalize facial features emphasizing a wide frozen smile and eyes imitating digital pics. However, there is nothing digital in my paintings of New Tech Girls series, other than only a digital topic."