April 23, 2019

Google New York


Show New Tech Girls by Olga Feshina; curator - Megan Green; New Tech Girls / VR Friends;

Google New York, New York, US, January 18 - April 30, 2019

Olga Feshina: New Tech Girls - VR Friends at Google New York

These artworks by Olga Feshina are part of an ongoing series New Tech Girls. Feshina investigates contemporary girls who are obsessed with tech gadgets and explores their gestures and poses in relation to these objects. These girls talk on their speakerphones, take selfies, and watch VR movies.  The baby deer depicted in the works symbolizes the inner child in all of us who is mesmerized by the perfection of the virtual world. The other animals depicted - dogs, cats and birds - serve as the girls' companions and appear to be part of the reality.  They also represent the imminent future, in which VR headsets will turn into ubiquitous gadgets. In the future, dogs may have their own headsets instead of collars!

Feshina says: ''The headset is the symbol of the present. I saw it for the first time more than ten years ago. At that time, this was an odd thing with visual effects. Now it can show us the whole universe. There used to be something between us and the film screen, meters of air separating us. When putting on the headset, we sink down into a new reality which is right at the tip of your nose and allows us to perceive new experiences. It parallels a meditative state – the deeper you get into your inner world, the more harmony you discover, which is reflected in the outside world''.

Counter to computer processing and realism, Feshina stylizes the bodies and generalizes facial traits accentuating wide smiles and entranced eyes. There is nothing digital in her works other than the topic itself. These works are informed by digital illustrations and classic cartoons.

She was born in Kazakhstan, lived in Moscow and is now based in New York. Feshina started her career as a fashion designer who created the first chess sport uniform in the world for the International Chess Federation FIDE, which was presented in Cannes, France, in 2001. Feshina has been published in W magazine. At the Moscow Museum of Architecture in 2000 she displayed a collection of sport clothes, and staged an event where women performed with laptops and temporary vinyl tattoos with Internet addresses on their bodies. She also participated in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia with her romantic performance “Yoga Fashion” in 2011. Show New Tech Girls of painting series by Olga Feshina is exposed at Google New York in 2019.

Series New Tech Girls, about New Tech Girls, curator Megan Green

New Tech Girls by Olga Feshina at Google NYC 01.18.2019 - 05.03.2019


12 first paintings of series NEW TECH GIRLS

Transforming Apartment, Upper Manhattan, New York, US, 10.02.2018


These NEW TECH GIRLS by Olga Feshina with their new gestures and new poses who are either doing selfies or talking speakerphone they are all the same the nymphs from classical portraits or genre compositions in its new personification. They explore contemporary tech reality, being those, who made selfies revolution in social net while their poses and gestures are getting contemporary classics. 

They tend to be constantly together as they strive to exchange information and then to share their senses of perception with the whole world. To get better harmony and mutual understanding the new girls subconsciously synchronize their poses, acting in unison either watching a movie, listening to music, looking for smoothie recipes, getting parcels by drone, exploring the underwater world or virtual reality and even their feminine nature with new tech gadgets. 

As if disputing against computer processing of images Olga Feshina stylizes the bodies and generalizes traits of face accentuating on wide frozen smile and eyes. However, there is nothing digital in her works, other than only a digital topic. The vertical canvases 48 x 36 in (121,92 x 91,44 cm) of this series which are the proportion of typical smartphone screen are hand painted acrylic on canvas in the technique of local fills of colors and tones like a digital illustration. The girls she depicted on the paintings are practically the size of viewers to make the distance between them and us closer.

Through these series of paintings New Tech Girls artist does a research on how gadgets juxtapose with their owners – contemporary girls and young women and how they become almost parts of a body and consciousness, by doing this she glorifies this subject. Olga Feshina urges viewers to realize why they watch the same movie of virtual reality on the wild nature beach, and why they need gadgets to explore their real feminine gist from inside where an inner child which baby deer symbolizes is mesmerized with the perfection of the tech, digital and virtual world.   



About NEW TECH GIRLS series

Transforming Apartment, Upper Manhattan, New York, 08.05.2018


  “I'm an artist, who is fascinated with new technologies and gadgets. The characters of my paintings are either contemporary girls or young women, who grow up actively and comprehend their inner and external worlds by means of gadgets and technological innovations. They made selfies revolution in social net, exploring contemporary tech reality, and their new poses and gestures are getting contemporary classics.

I'm trying to track the temporary connection portraying the same nymphs with their new poses and gestures in they new personification or reincarnation and research how they are deeply involved in technological innovation. The inner child of new girls which baby deer symbolizes it for me is mesmerized with the perfection of the digital and virtual world. I am interested why they even explore their self and feminine gist with virtual reality.”

– Olga Feshina said,

“Nowadays, when computer programs imitate artist technique, I stylize bodies and generalize facial features emphasizing a wide frozen smile and eyes imitating digital pics. However, there is nothing digital in my paintings of New Tech Girls series, other than only a digital topic."




Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia SS12

WTC - amphitheater, Moscow, Russia

07:30 October 22, 2011

These collection and performance by Olia Feshina are strongly associated with leisure time somewhere at Indian Ocean side: shadows of water surface in the twilight, meditation, self-contemplation, naturality; glassy glares at the very edge of sunrise, pleasant thoughts and feelings, rich sunset reflected somewhere in the clouds, sensuality and expectation for something particular to happen this oriental night. And here comes spiritualized face of Buddha incarnated in woman’s image.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week News:

"Olia Feshina is probably the first designer who acutely felt ties of kindred with Indian culture and antique time; what’s more she somehow could realize her sensing in these items of garments. What differs Olga’s collection from other designers, who try to give much air to their things? Olia’s kea point is water with its particular color beige sand, snow-white foam, marine and lilac. Even trifle runarounds on the dresses-they seem to be not only the refrain to the song of foams, from which Beauty Goddess Venera appears ; they serve much-help women’ full self-expression. Light meditative air of the show, stylized as yoga class, appears to be an attempt to emphasize complicated geometry of multilevel inner world which hides behind seeming simplicity of sleeveless dresses based on antique tunic."

Specially for the performance, a Japanese composer and Kay Nakayama created a sound track with the best pieces of Indian motives to which he added the noise of ocean, wales’ songs.

Yoga show with Hatha Yoga instructor Ulyana Agalakova, and yogini - Anastasiya Kuznechikova Yoga SunShine and Tatiana Paramonova Kundalini.

Idea, direction, fashion, make up sketh - Olga Feshina

Make up - Yuri Stoliarov

Model's School Verona

Photo by Michael Burikin, Artur Bigel