Olga Feshina 




2019 July 04 - July 26, New Tech Girls, NYA Gallery & Gallery 104, Tribeca, New York, US

2019 May 02 - May 05, New Tech Girls, NYA Gallery, NYAFAIR, Tribeca, New York, US

2019 January 18 - April 30, New Tech Girls - VR Friends, Google New York, Chelsea, New York, US

2018  New Tech Girls, Transforming Apartment, Upper Manhattan, New York, US

2018  New Tech Girls, Who Are They, Transforming Apartment, Upper Manhattan, New York, US

2015  ICICLES FOR FIREPLACE, Compass company, Greenwich Vilage, New York, US

2011  FROSTY MORNING. WINTER EVENING., MBFWR, Congress Hall, Moscow, Russia

2010  SPRING. ICICLES., RFW, Congress Hall, Moscow, Russia

2010  SUMMER EGGS, Alexino, Tversaya oblast', Russia

2009  CORECPONDENCES: GALAXY DISKS, GIRLS IN TIGHTS, Iron apartment, Moscow, Russia

2007  BAUDELAIRE'S SEVENTH INCARNATION, Iron apartment, Moscow, Russia

1998  OLGA FESHINA, Angellicos, Moscow, Russia

1993  OLGA FESHINA, MY LITTLE EMBRYO, gallery Tvorchestvo, Moscow, Russia

1990  FANNY DOG, DANCE, PRAY, MARS, Drama Theater Lermontov, Alma-Aty, Kazakhstan


2019 July 01 - July 04, Joint show, NYAFAIR, Tribeca, New York, USA

2019 May 2-May 5, NYAFAIR, New York Art gallery, Tribeca, New York, US





2011  WATER TRIP & YOGA FASHION, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russian, Moscow, Russia

2000  MERGE LAYERS. CHESS. EGGS., Gorky Film Studio, Moscow, Russia

2000  THE INTERNET, ARH EXPO, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2000  THE INTERNET, Museum of Architecture name Tchusev, Moscow, Russia

1998  SMORGASBORD 003, Goethe-Institut, Illusion Cinema, Moscow, Russia

1997  ANGELICOS ILLUMINATION, Angellicos by Dolf Michael, Moscow, Russia

1997  SNOW, Manhattan Express, Moscow, Russia

1996  SMORGASBORD 002, Festival Camel Rock, Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia

1995  ACTUAL RETRO, Theatro, hotel Metropol, Moscow, Russia

1995  SMORGASBORD 001, Theatro, hotel Metropol, MUZ TV, Moscow, Russia


     *Olga Feshina is a author, director and costume designer.

Most art performances were played with dancers or plactic drama actors




2019 August, Joint August show, 1stdibs Gallery, Gallery 104, New York, USA

2019 August 01 - August 04, Joint show, NYAFAIR, Tribeca, New York, USA

2019 June - NEW TECH GIRLS series at 1stDibs Gallery from Gallery 104, Chelsea, New York, US

2019 June - NEW TECH GIRLS series at NYA Gallery, Tribeca, New York, US

2009  GALAXY DISKS, GIRLS IN TIGHTS, Festival of Illustration Free WiFi, Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2006  BAUDELAIRE'S SEVENTH INCARNATION, Video Art festival Love Video, Paris, France 

2005  TRY. FEEL. STAY. at Video Art festival Love Video, Sad, Moscow, Russia

1990  FLOWER IN THE CITY, DANCE WITH FANS at Art Exhibition of Young Artists, Alma-Aty, Kazakhstan

1989  PRAY, MARS, DANCE at Art exhibition Perekrestok, Art Center, Alma-Aty, Kazakhstan

1983  CHORUS by Olga Feshina at Exhibition VDNKh, Moscow, Russia




New York Art, FAD, Women Love Tech, Esquire, Arba

Known as Olia Feshina or Ольга Фешина:

MAGAZINES: W magazine US 1997, Style The Sunday Times UK 1997, Wallpaper* UK 2012,

                        Vogue RU, ELLE RU, Bazaar, L’Officiel RU, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Marie Claire RU, etc

TV: HGTV USA 2014, NTV RU 2009, MUZ TV RU 2001, MTV RU 1999, 2x2 TV RU 1997

INTERNET: DWELL US 2017, Wallpaper* UK 2012…


1987-1991 - designer of contemporary costume,  Kazakh National Academy of Arts, Almaty, Kazakhstan

1984-1986 - painting and photography classes, Palace of Culture, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

1978-1982 - Central Children Art School of Karaganda, Kazakhstan


1968  was born, Karaganda, Kazakstan

1992 lived and worked in Moscow, Russia 

2013  lives and works at her studio in Manhattan, New York